There are lots of ways to try out and learn how to conquer some of the Nuts OCR obstacles (and have some fun at the same time!)


1) Team Nuts hosted outdoor training sessions:

Once a month there are sessions on site, these are a great way to get ready for any races and have a play on some of the obstacles in the outdoor fitness centre.

Contact for more information

180 minute OCR specific training: These are sessions in the Nuts Technical area usually followed by a partial course run. These sessions aren’t just for Team Nuts members, everybody is welcome along. 

2) Pay & Play 


New in 2018 from our friends at Camelot Events is a regular Pay & Play session at the NUTS Training ground. Check out the latest times, prices and details here

3) Team Nuts Organised Training

There are regular groups that meet up on site - once you join you'll be invited to the Team Nuts Facebook group and can join in...

4) Sprint Course - We have a great new 3k Sprint Course utilising the best of the obstacles in the NUTS Training area - join the team and check it out !