Nuts Jr. aims to support the up and coming OCR generation by providing an identity / Team for them to be part of.  

There are 2 level of Nuts Jr. membership:

Nuts Jr. For those 11 and under...

This provides Team Membership (so Jr. can run in team colours and be part of the community ) but has no course or training benefits. Membership is £25 per year and includes a Team Vest and Membership card. 

Nuts Jr. For those age 12-16... 

This provides membership with supervised adult course and training benefits (but not bootcamp activity). Access to the site at other times is under the same rules as adult membership – i.e. 3 members (one being nominated as the responsible adult for the Jr. member) needing to be present on site with the usual permission from The Nuts Challenge course team ensuring appropriate disclaimers are on file.  

Membership for the above plus a Team Vest and Membership card is £35 per year. 



To join or get in touch contact us at  or check out the events page for info on having a kids party at Nuts...!


Check out what the Jr's get up to below...

Team Nuts Jr. OCRWC Competitors